I treat your business like my        and that’s the freakin’ truth. 


While your work says it all, getting it in front of the right people takes a lot more than shooting blind and hoping something sticks. And if you don’t have the time to figure out a marketing strategy that makes you cash in your sleep, put me in, babe! That’s seriously what I’m here for.

It’s Nicole!

Before the digital nomad life chose me, your girl was killinggg it at a winery where I catered to weddings and… you guessed it — that’s where my love for wedding creatives bloomed!

Leading from a place of LOUD AF confidence and genuine compassion, I’m a nature girl at heart, vegan as hell, and value sustainability like none other! I’m a firm believer that what’s meant for you is already yours and when you lead with your intuition, everyone benefits.

Doing just that and craving the freedom to create my own path, I ditched the whole working for someone else thing and became my own #BOSSBABE — just like you! And I’ve been hyping you up from my side of the screen ever since.

Now, I’m living my best life helping loud n’ proud wedding creatives slayyyy their digital marketing game through a tried and true marketing approach that drives results 


Hey, girl hey!

every. damn. time.

Tell me more!

A SHORT N’ SWEET TIMELINE OF EVENTS THAT LED ME                           


Discovered the virtual assistant world while scrolling away on TikTok and decided to give it a go!



Invested in a business coach and took my expertise to the next level.


Realized that VA life was not for me but was so down for the Pinterest + Blogging scene and went all in.

Worked at a winery and fell in love with the wedding scene.

Straight To You


Helped transform 10+ through honing in on my craft and going above and beyond for my perfect people!


My sister is my bestie for the restie (and tried to pretend I was her when we were kids — not sure if it worked, though! Or did it?).  

I’m a twin!

I LOVE to travel. There’s so much adventure to be seen, and stories to unfold, and don’t be surprised if you catch me traveling across the US with my besties in a cute lil RV!

I’m a globe-trotter at heart.

80s and 2000s R&B is my jam! And did I mention how much I have Nelly Furtado on repeat??

Fav Song - Careless Whisper by George Michael 

Hot yoga, pilates, journaling, reading, meditation—you name it. If I’m doing anything outside of my laptop, it’s probably giving me some TLC (as we all should be)!

I’m a self-care queen!

The reason we vibe is because every collaboration has these sweet lil details





Letting go of control isn’t easy, but you trust the process and I never shoot for less than exceptional.

I go hard for my people by championing quality in every piece of content.

In it for the long haul and guaranteeing long-term value by only using practices that effectively stand the test of time.

Creating space for the weird, crazy, and fun because being unabashedly yourself is powerful as hell. 

Here’s a taste of what my clients get after collaborating with me

The proof is in the pudding, babe! And I don’t play around— I go all in! 

Clarity and direction in their Pinterest and blogging efforts.

A content strategy that rings true to their brand and values.

Traction on social media through digital marketing efforts alone. 

 A business partner that’s hellbent on making their business shine online.

 Support from an expert who’ll hold it down while they go out and pursue their real passions.

I want in


You’re the main character and I’m sitting front row. You know, kinda like Regina George’s mom holding her camcorder, mirroring the choreo, lookin’ at you like you’re the hottest person in the room… That’s the energy you can expect when you put us two together!

And I definitely hook it up
. In each collaboration, I provide a personalized content strategy that aligns with your intended business goals so that you can finally set your sights back on the things you love most!

So whether scaling your business is the move, or you’ve been trying to make time for that vacay you keep putting off, now’s the time to GO FOR IT and I’ll take care of the rest.

When you mix your drool-worthy content with a tested digital marketing strategy that’s aligned with your current goals, you’ll start making bank while smashing that snooze button.

Take me there

Having her as my VA was the best decision I could have made for my business. With her in my corner, I felt less overwhelmed with work and I could take on the tasks that needed my attention, like editing and meeting with clients. I can not recommend Nicole enough!"
-Genevieve Rudolph Photography

“Nicole is INCREDIBLE!!

“Nicole is a fantastic assistant! She's organized and really quick to learn things. She's easy to develop a flow with which is important. I've had her do a variety of things that are social media and blog related and she's done a wonderful job with all of it. I'm now having her start in with Honeybook and some of those tasks. It's so great knowing that when I'm traveling, or can't be attentive to tasks that require consistency, she's holding down the fort and keeping things going. I would recommend Nicole to any creative or wedding professional that needs to lighten their load!"
- Jennifer Whalen Photography

"She's holding down the fort and keeping things going.