I know you. As much as you’re trying to pull off doing it all on your own, that’s just NOT it! YES, you’re a boss and I’m so here for it, but if you really want to step into your CEO power by scaling the crap out of your business and attracting clients that light you up inside, it’s time to leave your digital marketing to your new ride or die.


It’s Nicole!

If I’m not at the beach soaking in some California sun, I’m probably obsessing over you while adding some spice to your digital marketing efforts. Like you, adventure is calling my name and I’ve got the Pinterest inspo boards to prove it, honey! I absolutely adore Mother Nature, love anything that has to do with self-care, and I’m always coming in hot with that glass-half-full kind of energy.

Doubling down on the digital nomad life, I found the magic that happens when tactical strategy meets your unparalleled perspective. An intentional approach to your Pinterest & blogging efforts is just what your biz needs to really make the moves you’re aiming for and I’ve got the expertise to take you sky high!

You and I are freaking soulmates. We don’t leave anything to chance because you deserve it all.

Pinterest + Blogging Manager for Wedding Creatives & Your New Biz Bestie

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Hey, gorgeous! 

Okay, but like…. These two are a match made in heaven. When you’ve got these two in the mix, you have the ultimate recipe for how to be a powerhouse brand across your platforms while calling in your dream clients! Start generating organic traffic left and right through consistent, personalized content that has your perfect people saying “sign me the hell up!”

Pinterest & Blog Management

Your space to blow people’s minds by showcasing your work and giving your site stalkers something else worthwhile to creep on. This is one surefire way to make realass connections with your clients while positioning yourself as the best of the best! 

Blog + SEO Management

Uhhhm...Hell Yeah

Pinterest is the go-to for finding inspiration and it's about damn time you end up on your dream clients’ inspo boards! With a bit of strategy and optimization, your work does the heavy lifting for you by getting more eyes on your site and upping your online exposure to the freakin’ max! 

Pinterest Managament

Say Less, I'm In

Yes Please!

I got you, boo!

Sneak a peek at how I help you smash your biz goals.

She has helped me gain so much social media traction in my new target markets. My inquiries and bookings have almost doubled in those new markets since we started working together. She keeps me on task and picks up the slack and just runs with it when I'm having a crazy week. So glad I made the decision to work with Nicole!!!” 
Ellen Renee Photography

“Working with Nicole has been a dream!!"